Rotating Union

  • Deu-Plex Low Speed Air-Hydraulic Unions

    • Duoflow design
    • Self-supported rotating union
    • Composite bearing
    • Vent holes between passages
    • Special seals
    • Hardened sealing surface
    • Aluminum housing
    • Steel rotor



    Tandem model as triple-passage design

  • F Series 5″ Water Union

    • Monoflow and duoflow design
    • Self-supported rotating union
    • Balanced mechanical seal
    • Seal combination: Carbon Graphite/Tungsten Carbide
    • Two widely-spaced ball bearings
    • Labyrinth seal protects bearings
    • Cast iron housing
    • High corrosion resistant
    • Steel flanged rotor
    • On-the-machine seal replacement capability
    • Inlet/outlet flange: standard ANSI, optional DIN, JIS
    • Special designs up to 12″ available upon request
  • For Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS)

    Deublin has developed a number of hubmounted unions specifically designed to accommodate the passage of air between a vehicle’s stationary axles and its wheels. This allows tire pressure to be varied from inside the vehicle’s cab, and is already very popular in the logging industry and on military vehicles. The ability to vary the air pressure allows the driver to adjust pressure for the surface being traveled. Lower pressure with a broader footprint is suitable for soft terrain. Higher pressures and a smaller footprint is suitable for higher speed highway travel. Model 882, 2-passage union, Model 1115-000-001, Model 1102-025-001-004.

  • General Purpose 55 Series Unions

    • Monoflow and duoflow design
    • Self-supported rotating union
    • Radial housing connection
    • Balanced mechanical seal
    • 3 vent holes
    • Forged brass housing
    • Stainless steel rotor
    • Special options: threaded vent holes, low torque design