Rotating Union

  • SpindleShield™ Series Unions with Integrated Alert System for Spindle Protection

    • Patented SpindleShield system reliably prevents expensive spindle failures by warning machine of leakage due to excessive seal wear
    • Rotor mounted, bore mounted, and bearing-less options
    • Closed Seal, Pop-Off, and AutoSense sealing options
    • Signal can be sent to unused relay on existing I/O board, and unassigned M-code can check status of that relay
    • Includes test circuit that can be checked manually or programmed for machine to check automatically
  • Stainless Steel Unions

    • Monoflow and duoflow (available) design
    • Self-supported rotating union
    • Radial or axial (available) housing connection
    • Wetted parts made of 316 stainless steel
    • Suitable for the food, chemical & pharmaceutical industries
    • Full-media flow


    Seal Combination

    Carbon Graphite/Ceramic – Standard

    Seal Combination - E.L.S.

    Tungsten Carbide/Ceramic

  • Tandem Air, Hydraulic, Brake Fluid Dual Passage Unions

    • Duoflow (Tandem) design
    • Self-supported rotating union
    • No interpassage leakage on the duoflow design
    • Steel rotor nickel-plated
    • Special bearing
    • Aluminum housing