Rotating Union

  • Model 927 High Pressure / Low Torque Water Union

    • Monoflow design
    • Self-supported rotating union
    • Axial housing connection
    • Balanced mechanical seal
    • Seal combination: Tungsten Carbide/Tungsten Carbide
    • Slinger and vents protect bearings
    • Low torque design
    • Stainless steel housing and rotor
  • Model 981-300 2″-12 UN R.H. Rotor Threads

    This 2-passage union was designed to cool and actuate Drum Brakes on Oil Rigs. It has a 1″ water and 1/2″ air passage. The water passage has a cartridge seal that can be repaired on the machine. The 981-300 union can also be used on many other Air/Hydraulic applications. Contact Deublin Engineering Department for complete specifications.

  • Multi-Channel High Speed Unions (1000+ RPM) for DDRT Applications Requiring Various Media

    • 3-8 Passages for Various Media
    • Applications include clamping and unclamping, work piece or tool sensing, air cleaning, and spindle cooling
    • Minimized axial length
    • No external lubrication required for air seals
    • Balanced mechanical seals in all passages for low torque and long life even with high speeds and pressures
    • Closed seals provide continuous containment of media with no by-pass leakage
    • Dual precision ball bearings for smooth operation
  • N Series Steam and Hot Oil Unions

    • Monoflow design: N10
    • Monoflow and duoflow design: N12
    • Self-supported rotating union
    • Large carbon graphite bearing
    • Pressurized spherical carbon graphite seal
    • Cast iron housing
    • Stainless steel rotor


    Maximum Hot Oil Temperature