Swivel Joint

An effective component to use when a process requires transfer of medium from a stationary source, such as a supply pipe, into a low speed rotating piece of equipment. Available for steam, oil, water and air application.

  • Plane Swivel Joints

    • Handles 360° single & multi-plane swivel movement with positive sealing
    • Available in 1” through 6” sizes in threaded, welded or flanged styles
    • Available in three seal materials that are compatible with many gasses, fluid & chemicals
    • Spring energized seals offer leak-tight sealing at all pressures, including vacuum
    • Seal can be replaced without removing bearings
  • Self-Aligning Swivel Joints

    • Handles 360° rotary and 10° angular alignment motion with positive sealing
    • Conveys hot and cold water, alternating steam and water and heat transfer fluids
    • Eliminate the hazards of leaking pipe connections or catastrophic hose failures
    • Outperforms and outlasts flexible hose with lower pressure drops
  • Swivel Joint

    • Self-aligning swivels is designed to handle 360° rotating and 10° angular movement between machinery and pipe work
    • Available in various seal material options to ensure compatibility with medium
    • Double row ball bearings in plane swivel for greater load tolerance



    Water, Steam, Oil, Gas, Chemical


    0 – 450 Bar


    0 – 230 Degree C


    < 20RPM


    1/4" – 6" Threaded or Flange