Being a specialist in a specific industrial field means to know customers problems, thus yielding devices that actually comply with the hardest requirements. Elcis encoder is surely a specialist in the position-transducers field. The technical knowledge and experience of Elcis encoder in position-transducers, acquired since 1974, allows to produce an extremely wide and complete range of these devices, as to fulfill all present and future requirements in the industrial automation field.

  • ELCIS Encoder SRL

    Positioning problems are solved with… ELCIS ENCODER

    ELCIS ENCODER, formed by the merger of ELCIS and SICOD, specialized in the field of position transducers, both rotary and linear. The technological know-how acquired since 1974 in the industry of encoders, today allows the company to offer an extremely wide and complete range of such products, with remarkable quality standards in terms of reliability, accuracy and ease of use.


    Elcis Encoder transducers are made available in absolute multi-turn or single-turn versions, as well in incremental square-wave, sine-wave or explosion-proof version, certified ATEX II2G Ex d IIC T6, T5 Gb, ATEX II2D Ex tb IIIC T85°C, T100°C Db IP66. Linear transducers with up to 1m resolution are calibrated in a suitable metrological lab, at constant temperature with an HP laser interferometer and are accompanied by the graph stating their accuracy. The cable transducers (from 1 ÷ 60 m), offer a variety of output options: incremental, potentiometric, voltage, current, absolute and absolute with fieldbus.


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