Sentinel C-28

The Sentinel C-28 is Cincinnati Test System’s latest addition to the technologically advanced Sentinel leak test instrument family. The C-28 utilizes test algorithms processed on an advanced 32-bit system, giving it fast and repeatable results in a more compact package.


CTS has more than 30 years of experience perfecting highprecision, repeatable and reliable instruments to optimize the most demanding leak test applications in any manufacturing environment.


You can trust CTS to provide you with the right solution to fit your specific testing requirement. Advanced Standard Features

Configurable for the most common leak test applications

  • Pressure decay or vacuum decay
  • Pressure rate of change
  • Occlusion (blockage)
  • Optional electronic regulator available

Powerful 32-bit processor & 24-bit A/D converter

  • Exceptionally fast, high-resolution test processing
  • Data resolution to 0.00001% of transducer full scale

Flexible communication formats

  • Ethernet
  • RS232

Patented Auto Setup feature for easy programming (Patent # 7,594,424 B2)

  • Automatic test optimization based on required test time
  • Can handle up to 32 part programs

Large full-color LCD display with multi-language capability

  • Operator friendly menus
  • Menu selectable multi-language software capability

Instrument calibration

  • Easy-to-use Auto Calibration doesn’t require instrument to be taken offline
  • Ensures accurate results

Environmental drift correction

  • Adapts to changing conditions, including temperature Quik test
  • Reduces test time
  • Analyzes test results in real time

Self test functions

  • Pneumatic leak check, calibration verification
  • Transducer zero & span and regulator adjustment

Absolute pressure transducer

  • Monitors all test pressures and displays pressure relative to atmosphere (gauge pressure)

Compact modular design

  • Cast aluminum wall mount enclosure
  • 162mm high x 213mm wide x 176mm deep
  • Manifold mounted valves, transducer, regulator and NIST traceable calibrated leak standard