Rotary Piston Pumps JMU Series

All-rounder with outside mechanical seal (Single, Quench, and Tandem Type Available)


Features and Benefits

  • Smallest Clearance

Our special alloy allows for the smallest clearance between rotors and casing

  • Constant conveyance
  • Self-priming ability
  • Conveyance of all levels of viscosity
  • High Degree of Cleanability

Incredibly easy assembly/disassembly. Completely cleanable and sterilizable with CIP/SIP processes.  Standard: 95°C, High temperature: 150°C

  • Outside Mechanical Seal

High cleanability – the few parts in contact with the liquid can be dismantled and reassembled easily.

  • Single Mechanical seal type

Our Standard

  • Quench Seal Type

Quenching seal with oil seal. Moderate price compared to a tandem seal. (0.03 Mpa = 0.3 bar)

  • Tandem Seal Type
  • Maximum Discharge Pressure 1.5 Mpa = 15 bar
  • Vertical and Horizontal Liquid Flow Available
  • Double and Single Blade Rotors Available