Sentinel™ C-20 World Edition

The Sentinel C-20 World Edition is a high performance, low cost, quality pressure decay leak detection instrument. Its small packaging enables the C-20 WE to integrate easily into product line testing applications. The Sentinel C-20 WE is easy to configure. The high flow valve option design reduces cycle times by filling and exhausting the part up to five times faster. It is excellent for high speed and/or big volume applications.


“Quik Test” feature, incorporated into the Sentinel C-20 WE, provides a highly reliable test on all parts while shortening the test portion of the cycle time by up to 80%. Throughput on existing test systems can be increased without major investment in fixtures, tooling or operators. On systems which are already running shortened cycle times for all parts, the risk of accepting marginal reject parts is reduced.


  • User Friendly
  • Language Neutral Keypad
  • Selectable Language Software
  • Global Support
  • Displays Globally accepted Pressure and Flow units
  • Four part parameter storage
  • Quik-test feature
  • Measures pressure changes of 0.0001 psi
  • Stores 500 test results for output to a printer or computer
  • Automatic calibration feature utilizes an NIST traceable standard
  • Three inputs and three outputs for easy integration
  • Real time pressure digital output for graphing capability
  • Two week delivery
  • Two year warranty
  • AC or DC available
  • Optional high flow pneumatics for fast fill and exhaust
  • Optional high flow valves capable of more than 20,000,000 cycles