Rotary Piston Pumps SC Series

Our Sanitary Specialist for Easy Cleaning without Residues


Features and benefits

  • Smallest Clearance

Our special alloy allows for the smallest clearance between rotors and casing

  • Constant Conveyance
  • Self-Priming Ability
  • Conveyance of all levels of viscosity
  • Highest degree of Cleanability
  • Limited Space within the pump for liquids to pool results in easy cleaning
  • With vertical installation a CIP process eliminates the last drop of liquid remaining inside the pump
  • Incredibly easy assembly. Completely cleanable and sterilizable with CIP/SIP processes.
  • Standard: 95°C, High temperature: 150 °C
  • Maximum discharge pressure 1.0 Mpa = 10 bar

Special Features of the SC Series

  • Fixed Shaft rotor: disassembly/assembly is now a simple process. Because the shaft is fixed to the rotor, the rotor can be easily and accurately installed.
  • Flat head rotor and cover: the heads of the rotor and the cover are flat. This dramatically minimizes the spaces in which liquid pooling may occur.
  • Super clean mechanical seal: the mechanical seal is simple and compact in design. There are no o-ring grooves, which may trap liquids and this contributes to easy cleaning.
  • Loosening the nut at the reat of the rotor unitized with the shaft enables easy disassembly, making it convenient for maintenance such as replacing mechanical seals.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Liquid Flow Available
  • Double and Single Blade Rotors Available.