Rotary Piston Pumps AMXN Series

Our aseptic model for highest, germfree standards


Features and Benefits

  • Smallest Clearance

Our special alloy allows for the smallest clearance between rotors and casing

  • Constant conveyance
  • Self-Priming ability
  • Conveyance of all levels of viscosity
  • High Degree of Cleanability

Incredibly easy assembly/disassembly. Completely cleanable and sterilizable with CIP/SIP processes. Standard: 95°C High temperature: 150°C


Special Features of the AMXN Series

  • The aseptic rotary pumps completely isolate the products from the atmosphere to maintain the products free from germs.
  • Double layered seal and steam barrier

The seal mechanism in the pump is double layered with a steam barrier on the interior of the two steam pathways inside the pump. This prevents any contamination of the pump interior by airborne bacteria or the like, medium solution: sterile water and steam.

  • CIP -JET function

Halls and channels in casing and cover allow self-cleaning without disassembly, creating a very efficient cleaning process.

  • Maximum discharge pressure 0.7 Mpa= 7 bar
  • Vertical and Horizontal Liquid Flow available
  • Double and Single Blade Rotors available.