Air Actuated CTS Connect Seals

  • Effective seals for smooth, rough or threaded ports (NPT, Metric, or SAE) of a part and available for most common tubing and port sizes
  • Consists of an air-driven internal piston that compresses the CTS proprietary seal material against the surface of the part creating a leak-free seal that meets all test pressure requirements–regardless of surface, shape or finish
  • Proprietary seal material offers superior compression performance, cut and abrasion resistance, and extended life
  • Automated sealing minimizes operator fatigue and injury
  • Large test/fill port holes provides optimized flow
  • Effectively seals without the risk of marring the surface of the part
  • Tapered guide adapter quickly guides part into the CTS Connect fitting and eliminates damage to the body and seal
  • Patented design makes these CTS Connect connectors the easiest to use and the most trouble free connectors you can buy